'Wintering farm tour' NHK Hokkaido local channel on air at 7:55 am ~ 14th March 2020


Finally, our interview and NHK advertisement is going to on air NHK local channel community program on 14th March 2020! Interviews from our winter farm tours, 'Wintering farm tour'. This program make sure to hook hundreds of interesting of people. Especially our highlight digging snow and find wintering cabbage then that your cabbage is going to cook by our local chef and the owner of Pension & restaurant La Collina with other Furano local produced vegetables and original sausage of La Collina

Why cabbage are wintering under the snow?

This is great way and knowledges what we carried from our ancestors. This is natural refrigerator by using natural snow. You can say this is perfect and grateful Eco system. We are learning a lots of things through local life style in snow land. 

Cabbage is trying to become more sweeter for protection their own body from freezing air, also the temperature is really stable around 1 or 0 degrees and Celsius in the snow. So, Farmer is using this system for making freshness tasty cabbages in winter season. 

of course farming is difficult in the snow. Those cabbage ware already harvested in last November, then keep them under the snow, make more valuable cabbage. Then to sale in the market in winter season. It will be good price!

Why not join us? 

We take you to our friendly host farm, Endo-farm. Hope to See you next winter all!