How ganna do? Pine Resin


I like smell of pine resin, that smell is feeling to be in the forest. Sometime feel to be cool when my head needs to be cool down, that smell is really works.

A couple of days ago, I collected Pine Corn in Torinuma park where is located 30 minutes a way from my house by my bike. I have a plan to use those for beeswax candle workshop of our program. But pine resin is sticky, and bothering for craftwork sometime.

How does that clean up??

Googling on internet, find better way to take off pine resin....

Just boiling pine corns. That all. It is super easy!! Also pine resin will be coating whole pine, then getting shine. Some bugs are also take away at same time. So this way is better way. I had never think about pine resin by now. But people needs and use it sometime for anything, like Medicine, paints, glue, food etc...

Let's get to start this way. Put into boiled water, then pine is getting to close wings... ! Oh what!? They open again after dry??? A bit worry about that way, but they will open wings again after dry.

Maybe I need more different size of pine corns, let's look for pine corn.