Preserved Fall Leaves in Furano, by my Furano's pure beeswax


What a beautiful season, Autumn season in Furano. How amazing this season makes warm us. Have you thought to keep these fall leaves color gradations for longer?? I did. Then googling on internet how to preserved in naturally. I found beeswax is good working on it. urespa + furano has beeswax candles hands on workshop. So, I try to make preserved fall leaves for that program. I really excited to working this project!

First, collect beautiful color fall leaves in the park. I often go to Asahigaoka park to search something good for beeswax workshop. Acorns is one of them, That park is actually very good for getting beautiful acorns. And I know that park has some type of fall leaves trees. So I really enjoyed to collect fall leaves.

Second, wipe and wash my collection for clean up. 1 or 2 days drying them. (to insert thick books.)

Third step, filtering beeswax. Making more clean wax.

Finally, dipping fall leaves to cleaned beeswax lightly. Wax on the leaves will be getting hard quickly.

See! These are pretty good actually!! I can not wait to use them in my beeswax candle making workshop! 

Beeswax & candle making workshop