Seasonable veggies picking & outdoor pizza cooking experience...... sweet corns show up sooner!


Beautifully cherry tomato, summer vegetables... what a tasty and very juicy they are!! Non stop eating cucumber, cherry tomato... how much sweets they are. Today we had guests from Hong Kong. They said,

'Never had eaten like these sweet cherry tomato, always they are very sour at supper market. How special for children!'

Great opportunity and in Japan children are in summer holiday now. So Matsutsuru Farm's family 4 sisters joined them to help and play together, running, picking some wild flowers... making pizza!

They are laughing and playing together. Even language is different, children does not matter. They do not understand each other without language.

I am extremely happy to see this happen here, this is the it what I want to do!

Good news from Matsutsuru Farm! Sweet corns will be ready to pick soon! Join us, then pick fresh juicy veggies including corns and cherry tomato. Do not forget pizza is really tasty as well!

Why not join us!? We will open to application until end of September. Awaits for your booking! 

Please check following page for more details.... seasonable veggies picking & outdoor pizza cooking experience