Beeswax Crayon Making first trial


On one day, I went to get Honeycomb which was taken as a part of unnecessary by beekeepers. 'urespa + furano' is using these honeycombs for beeswax candle workshop. But in this time, I tried making natural crayon made by beeswax, soap and food coloring. So recently, I read this crayon is very safety for small kids. If children made miss swallow it, they are made by natural materials. 

First, melting and mixing soap and beeswax up through double boiler way. After 30min, beeswax was quick start to melting, but soap...? They are melting?? Anyway I was keep going to mixing up both in the pan. But it looks a bit strange. I guess, soap is not melting... maybe temperature is not enough to melting soup?

Hardness of them is soft, like clay of kids toy. Put food coloring.

And put it to Silicon molds, then waiting for cool down for about 30min.

All right! I can not wait to drawing! These crayons are hard to drawing.... so that why color is not clear... it is natural colors, but not enough.... Fuunnnnn.

I should try again soon!!