Why E-Bikes? Why?


It is still chilly outside in Furano. Last weekend, Furano gots snowfall in the morning..... back to winter and forward to spring again and again. Temperature is just 1 C in the morning but it was beautiful sunny day actually, we can not stay in house like this day, let's get out!

My recommendation to do on like this sunny day is bike riding recently. urespa + furano has E-Bike guided tours, most likely operation in Green seasons from May to October. I need work out! Still riding on bike is chill, but today's temp was getting to 17C high. No matter to ride the bike.

My bike is mountain bike 'TREK'. It is very convenient. I do not much care of downhill on the mountain, my style is just more going for a riding on the road, maybe sometime narrow forest road. I was thinking when I chosen this mountain bike, looks is good than other city bikes..... But!! recently city bikes are getting more fancy and becoming to stylish design.

My first impression to E-Bike, 'E-Bike!? What? That is more for more elderly people, looks are not cool. I do not want to use that Electric bike for sightseeing!! ' That was my first impression was honestly.
But my friend Toko Toko rental cycling, the owner recommend me,

'Just look once and try it. You will found E-Bike is very handy to go sightseeing in Furano and Biei. Now many people has have fun cycling in rolling hills in and around Furano. But those city cycling bikes are very difficult to keep pedaling up and down, up and down.. most tourists are not sporty. Cycling has become to popular activity as faster and cheep way to going sightseeing. And then people got to sweat and tire, it will be not enjoy to looking scenery or even taking photo. Bike can take you to far than foot. But you will lost appetite after for cycling of a couple hours.'

Yes I knew it, because of I had same experience in Biei rolling hill almost 20 years ago. I took 500 yen city cycling at rental shop behind of Bibaushi station on first day of my first Hokkaido trip by myself. I read mook of Hokkaido trip tips gave me and desire me to take cycling in Biei area. My friend against and gave me advise to deny cycling in Biei area. But I would like to try it!! I had to confirm by myself how much hard to cycling there. I realized cycling was very hard to me... I was not familiar to Bike especially rolling hill devastated me.... and missed train which was only once a hour... sometime only once a every 2 hours....... my friend save and picked me up at the station when they traveling at same time! I was very lucky... they took rent a car!

So I was learn from my experience and just follow his advise. What a E-Bike!! It looks is very fancy and sporty, elegant. my old image is not here anymore! It is cool! And electric assistant function is supper cool! It is not hard to work out on rolling hills like Furano or Biei!

Just said ' WOW!!'

I definitely take E-Bike, I want to buy E-Bike for myself! It is great way for sightseeing in Furano. Just enjoy cycling with great views and take photos. And go forward to get reach a bit far away.

Just I would like to assist to show you the right cycling route for you do not lost in the middle of countryside in Furano. And sometime knock on the door of farmers with me to picking berry, cherry tomato or Furano melon! I introduce my friends farmers!

Let's get cycling by E-Bike with us!

E-Bike cycling guided tour