Furano locals wintering lifestyle experience!?


urespa+furano had several groups from Asia and East-South Asia in last December. People has no snow experiences ever. Touching snow, thronging snow, try eating snow, laying snow, taking a lots of photo, working around, digging snow and find cabbages and really enjoy snow picnic with hot soup with Furano local produced winter vegetables and their own finding wintering cabbage and hand made sausages with homemade bread!!

Always food makes us happy and smiley face, you know always we are looking for good food experiences in wherever we are. Especially, while traveling time. This could be most important experiences for us. And my warmth Furano locals always welcome our special guests. I am so happy to work together. 

Here is a review from our lovely guests from Australia.

"A group of 5 of us went on the farm tour yesterday. The farm is not too far from Furano town, and is very picturesque, great for photos. If you want to meet a local farming family, or you are interested in where your food comes from, you will enjoy this. Fascinating to see how cabbages are stored in the snow for winter. We opted for outside picnic in the snow, wear warm clothes! but it was unique experience. We also did beeswax candle making back at home base, which was great fun and tasted honey. Our guide was charming, and was able to interpret for us as we were all English speaking. If you need a break from skiing, or a non skier, you will be well looked after on this small and personal tour. Cathy"

This is more our confidential and motivate for push forward urespa+furano local experience tours! We will try to continue to next level up, Come to see us someday! See you in Furano.