Furano melon & Honeybee's Eco Tour!


We welocme another guests for Furano melon & Honeybees Eco Tour!

What about Furano melon & Honeybees Eco Tour!?

So, the tour is including visiting two farmers, 'Ooishi Melon farm' & 'Seo Bee farm' in Furano, this incredible tour is we make sure 100% full charge your stomach!

First, visiting SEO Bee Farm! We wearing uniform as bee protection. That is most important, maybe it could be kind of ceremony of The Eco Tour! And get notice about approach to Honeybees. Children was just scared of honeybees, but they get to close little by little. Get to know each other, Bees are not attack you without no reasons.

Everyone said 'Wow ----!'

Million honeybees are at honeycomb. Right after just sawing it, a Million questions ware just coming out to farmer!

Hold Honeycomb, check beehives, tasting fresh honey!

After Bee farm, we visiting Furano Melon Farm, Why this tour is named Eco Tour? That answer is in melon farm! Inspection melon green house, how many melon in one green house, how long glowing until harvesting, hundreds questions from guests to farmer as well!

This tour is including All-You-Can-Eat-Melon! Everyone is thirsty, many cutting melon was just gone to their stomach!!

We really had lovely time with you guys, also we hope you have great memory with Furano and urespa + furano! See you in Furano v^^v

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