Furano winery guided special tour!


This is one of urespa + furano winter discovery programmes. We ware taking first guests yesterday! They ware in family trip to Hokkaido, stay in and around Furano for total 7 days! Children loves play with snow outside, they never feel cold and never stop play....!!

So this guided tour will take you to fermentation area. Also as speciality, including rare wine tasting and especially, Barrel tasting is very speciality of this programme.

Tasting wines from Furano original local wines. It has almost 45 years history. At very beginning, Furano government ware trying and supporting Furano agriculture. hug rolling hills surround Furano, So those huge land has to be useful and productive. That was the most important and first priority to Furano at that time.

So Furano looked at European countries, like France, German, Hungary and Austria etc.... Those countries is also similar location and landscape is quite same. They are producing wine! This is inspired Furano and push this challenge.

Now, Furano area has 3 winery including private winery. one of them will be open very soon! Furano is beautiful landscape with spreading grape vine in summer.

Enjoy Furano local wine and marriage with local cheese... welcome you always.

Furano local wines & Japanese art museum tour