Rice Paddy Experience 2018,  planting Day2 


Furano Blue Sky, still white snow has capped upper of mountains. One of mountains is named ASHIBETSU-DAKE, which is symbolic mountain of this area, Yamabe area which is located in 15 minutes driving away from Furano town.

Previous day, forecast said lowest temp is 2 degrees and celsius and snowing sometime in the morning... it was terrible wether!! OMG.... What a XXXXXXX!!?

But we read it should be settle in the afternoon, so let's do this if participants can not make change the date... 2 groups came to planting on the first day. Weather was better than morning! Thanks god! (I believe god like this situation.)

Day 2, it was a beautiful day!! But still it was cold wind, paddy was cold for children. But everyone made a lots of happy smiles, laughing and kids ware playing around rice paddy.

Our rice paddy is becoming green color. Almost finish to planting, but it just beginning of season.. remember everyone!

Many volunteering stuff support for urespa + furano projects. We can not make it through without you guys, Thank you so much guys! Mayumi, Ryuhei, Koji, Kanai-san, Shin-M san and great thanks my friend Tomoko from Kobe!!


Rice paddy planting experience
Rice paddy harvesting experience