SEO Bee Farm in Furano today's honeybee report


Working so hard. Honeybees are getting out and back home handreds times per a day. They are full-time workers in stoically. Still Furano is chilly out side. This morning we turned on Stove in my house, spring may not come here. Like that feeling in my head....

Today, I visited SEO Bee farm in Furano for collecting honeycomb which beekeeper took off out in their daily work. In the spring, Honeybees are trying to make more bigger colony. During winter season, They gather tight like a tennis ball, then they just keep warm Queen Bee for survive of their colony. Worker Bees are dedicated for Queen Bee very stoically, their life is for Queen Bee and also Queen Bee has to be survive for them. All for one, One for All! Now it is time to rebuilding perfect colony for honey season. They need thousands, maybe millions of Worker Bees for it. So Worker Bees who survive winter, then as next their life task, they just concentrate to dedicated continuing their life for next genaration and next and next.... as consequence, they construct honeycomb everywhere at wrong location where has space for it. And that would be bothering Beekeeper sometime. Beekeeper take off it too much constructed honeycomb. These honeycomb has still value as for many things! Actually I would like to take them for urespa + furano honey wax candle workshop anyway!

Interesting our tour, do not miss it, just come and join us this summer^^! 

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