Massage from 'urespa+furano' in Furano


Thank you for visiting our website and support us all the time. We are good in Furano. 

Here Furano has missed tans of international guests this summer and autumn season, because of COVID-19 as you know. So make sure this winter season lost thousands of skiers as well. So we do. We could make stop COVID-19 attack us, feels so hopeless us.

But There is only one thing to do what we can, that is just be safe, and keep moving to forward for the future when we could see you in Furano again.

We will win together!

So, now we have a lots of fun stories to tell you from latest our new project!! 

'Travel Trailer Inn' will gonna be stand up as new our project for 2021 Neo Tokyo Olympic Game year!!

I am updating some information for 'Travel Trailer Inn' New project, what this is. We has registered as Private Lodging Business certification. And also we got TRAVEL TRAILER (or is called camper, or maybe camping trailer??) recently. Which means cool and big step for us to the next level.

We are planing;

- 'Travel Trailer Inn' private lodging in winter season (welcome long-stay more than 5 days)

- 'Travel Trailer' POWDER Caravan powered by Furano Backcountry Guide 

- 'Travel Trailer' Farm & Camp experience tour for the summer (welcome from 1 night)

So these are top priorities more than anything what we must do as possible as we can!! 

I post one by one from latest our fun & enjoyable DIY stories, and of course up date you our new tour's details with pop up stories when they are ready.... I can not wait to tell you guys!

Stay tunes at our blogs, or facebook, or Instagram!