Rice paddy experience program was well done!!


At last weekend, it finished rice threshing. Rice making season was finished 2018 season. New rice is good actually. We ware worry about effective by poor weather in June and early July. Also two typhoons attacked Hokkaido directly. Earth quick was happened in Hokkaido as well in September.

This season was bothered by many happening due to weather, disaster all Japan. Every year we are getting over so many things to be happened at our rice paddy. And we are getting new experiences and those are raising us up.

That is our great opportunity through Furano rice paddy experiences program, it is!!

Our wonderful volunteers support this program through year. And I would like to say thank you of million times to all of our supporters including participants!

It was well done this season 2018!! We look forward to seeing you in urespa + rice paddy 2019 program, See you soon!!

We are excited next season.

Rice paddy planting experience
Rice paddy harvesting experience